Conceal 510 Battery Case Made for your conceal regular or VIP This case is made of a tough leather faux softness but very durable Inside the case is plush black with Elegant Aware logo stamped in the velvet The case not only holds your conceal battery with a cartridge in it... It also has two extra spots for extra cartridges... total 3 cartridge capacity,
Conceal VIP case by Elegant Aware
Conceal Battery Case Closed by Elegant Aware
Conceal 510 battery case

Conceal 510 battery case


    First extra slot is long enough to fit an extra Cold Fusion battery or 1 storage tube Second spot is big enough to fit most 1ml 510 cartridges It also has a spot for extra magnetic rings for your conceal battery. This one is nice.  You could carry enough for 2 people or one Hard Core Vaper! Only comes in Black  -Elle

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