Conceal 510 Battery Case Made for your conceal regular or VIP This case is made of a tough leather faux softness but very durable Inside the case is plush black with Elegant Aware logo stamped in the velvet The case not only holds your conceal battery with a cartridge in it... It also has two extra spots for extra cartridges... total 3 cartridge capacity,

Conceal VIP 510 vape battery case

Original price was: $9.95.Current price is: $7.99.

First extra slot is long enough to fit an extra Cold Fusion battery or 1 storage tube Second spot is big enough to fit most 1ml 510 cartridges It also has a spot for extra magnetic rings for your conceal battery. This one is nice.  You could carry enough for 2 people or one Hard Core Vaper! Only comes in Black  -Elle