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Oct 2019 – OREGON BAN hits shops HARD!

Government SEEKS to ban Flavor Vapes

San Francisco first city to ban ecigs!

CBD goes Mainstream

Congress seek to aggressive tax ecigs


We hate that…

1/17/19 A Chemist advice “Don’t dry fire your coil!!!”

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11.6.18 Michigan approves marijuana legalization vote for November

Nice Michigan…nice…

10.24.18 What’s the deal with CBD?

Why is CBD so popular?

8.20.18 Marijuana Breathalyzer Testing


5.1.2018 What’s in my Vape Cartridge?

Do you know what your vaping?

2.27.18 –Vapor Industry To Hit $5.5 Billion In 2018

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1.12.18 FISA 702, What does it really mean?  Click here

It comes to this again…

1.4.18 AG Jeff Sessions rolls back Obama Marijuana regulations!!!

What does that mean for you?

1.1.18 2018 Welcome California to Receational MMJ!

In fact the water is GREAT…

3 States Poised To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In 2018

Welcome… water is nice!

11.21.17 Michigan looking good for recreational on Nov 2018 Ballot

Let’s do all we can to help those guys out.

11.8.17 New FDA vaping regulations: an updated timeline and FAQ

See what you need to know…

10.2.17 FDA is getting ready to go after non-compliant manufacturers

Get your products now!!!

8.21.17 India considering ban of ecigs

I guess we not going on vacation to India!!!….

7.2.17 Long lines in Nevada as recreational marijuana goes on sale

Nevada goes recreational!  Welcome Nevada!

6.22.17 San Francisco moves to ban sales of vaping flavors, menthol cigarettes

San Francisco does not like vapor…makes the price go up…isn’t it legal and year 2017?

4.26.17 Indiana replaces flawed vaping regulations

Indiana lawmakers put forward a bill that rewrites the existing unconstitutional e-cigarette regulations in the state.

3.9.17 Indoor Vaping Ban Struck Down In Arkansas Senate

-Finally some good news!

2.24.17 President Trump “Cracking Down” on Recreational Marijuana

– Can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…you get what you need” – Rolling Stones

2.22.17 17 States seek to legalize Marijuana Recreationally

– Individual states are catching on…

2.2.17 Vermont Seeks to Legalize Recreational MMJ

– State after state they joining in FREEDOM to decide what you can consume.

1.5.17 Manhattan court upholds city ban on e-cig use in public places

– Just want to keep our NY informed

8.20.16 Mastercard Initiates a Vape Tax on all merchants selling vapor.

-This is not a government tax, this is just a card company deciding to tax vape industry.